Specific silica sol for must clarification.

Spindasol SB1 is a special 30% silica sol in colloidal solution. Its technical characteristics such as the specific surface, the size and the load of the particles are designed to offer the best compaction of the trub. Due to its specific gravity and subsequent adsorption action, sedimentation occurs directly. The technical properties of Spindasol SB1 have a different behavior compared to a traditional silica sol. With Spindasol SB1 we obtain a more efficient and faster sedimentation. This allows us a reduction of time in the whirlpool with a lower risk of DMS (Dimethylsulphide) formation.

A shorter time in the Whirlpool allows to reduce the evolution of the color with a better organoleptic stability, greater frankness and finesse both in the aroma and in the taste of the beer.

The must trub is made up of 30-80 μm large particles, heavier than the must. This allows the formation of a compact mass (Trub). The initial trub ratio varies between 6000-8000 mg / L to decrease, in some cases, at the end of the Whirlpool, to a maximum of 100 mg / L. This low level of trub compaction can come from both the boiler, whirlpool and centrifuge design.

Insufficient compaction of the trub leads to:

Stratification of yeasts

Negative influence of the final stability of the beer

Negative influence of the final filtration of the beer

The trub also contains malt fatty acids.

The addition of Spindasol SB1 helps significantly to improve the quality of the wort. Compared to other clarifying agents, Spindasol SB1 is a high purity product and complies with the Reinheitsgebot, the "Bavarian Law on Beer Purity".

The charge of Spindasol SB1 and its specific adsorption have no negative influence on the organoleptic profile of the beer.

The effectiveness of Spindasol SB1 is evaluated according to:

Better compaction of the Trub

Less turbidity at the outlet of the Whirlpool

More compact sedimentation

Less waste

Better filterability

Positive influence on stability

Spindasol SB1 has not been treated for AlO-2. The specific composition of Spindasol SB1 allows lower dosages (15-30 g / hL), compared to other types of silica sol.

Composition and technical characteristics:

Silica sol in colloidal solution.

Employment dose:

15-30 g / hL.

Higher employment rates may be required depending on the proportion of raw grains. Laboratory tests are recommended to optimize doses.

Form of employment:

In must, add directly in the kettle in order to boil separately from the hops (after 5 minutes). Spindasol SB1 can also be dosed by means of a dosing pump during the transfer from the boiler to the Whirlpool. In case of product loss, clean the surfaces directly with water. Do not expose the product for long periods of time to air or extreme temperatures (hot-cold).

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