Selective stabilizer and stabilizer for the brewhouse.

Polygel BH is a specific stabilizer for musts that acts on proteins and polyphenols thanks to a combined process, obtained by using selected PVPP and SiO2 at controlled humidity.

An excessive presence of polyphenolic substances in raw materials leads to instability in clarity and a marked degradation of taste. Considering a conventional trub made up of 60% protein and 40% polyphenols, Polygel BH forms highly stable complexes with the polyphenolic substances in the must and also selectively adsorbs protein substances. Whirlpool efficiency can be increased, but the following process steps are also improved:

Better compaction of the trub.

Fermentation time optimization.

Better filterability (pressure, diatomaceous earth dosage, EBC turbidity 90 ° and 25 °).

Simple stabilization that allows greater efficiency of the particles (lower dosage), with economic and qualitative advantages.

The stabilizing action of Polygel BH is manifested, on the one hand, by the anticipation in the adsorption of simple polyphenolic substances in the must (protoanthocyanidins and anthocyanidins), on the other hand, the siliceous component exerts a selective action of low protein adsorption and medium molecular weight, thus completing a perfect stabilization during maturation and filtration. This means that the use of Polygel BH leads to a reduction in the use of colloidal stabilizers and an improvement in the quality (turbidity, "shelf life") and the cost per hectoliter of the overall treatment.

Polygel BH is very effective with short contact times and can be specifically formulated to meet the clarification and stabilization needs of each brewery. This treatment will allow to maintain quality standards, preserving color, aroma and foam.

Composition and technical characteristics:

Silica gel, Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP).

Employment dose:

10-40 g / hL.

Form of employment:

In the must tank: after the saccharization of the must, before the mash out.

In the wort kettle: It is used at the end of the boil, 5 or 10 minutes before the transfer to the whirlpool. Polygel BH will automatically precipitate with the trub, selectively adsorbing simple polyphenols and proteins.

Note: It is interesting to carry out a laboratory test to compare the clarifying and stabilizing effect against a control, in order to optimize the dosage and achieve a good quality / cost ratio.

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