An Ale with full malt character and flavor, characterized by a fruity and slightly spicy aroma.

Definitely a light and thirst quenching beer suitable for any time of the year.

Malt prepared to produce 23 liters of beer.

This new kit includes specific yeast and hops for dry hopping, details that make this malt of superior quality.

Remember to add 1 Kg of sugar before starting fermentation.

You can replace the 1 kg of sugar with 1 kg of malt extract.

To perform Dry Hopping, at the end of fermentation, just open the fermenter lid, throw the hops inside and close it.

After about 3 days you can proceed to bottling.

Weight: 1.7 Kg.

Liters produced: 23.

Hops added: 10 gr. Hallertau Brewers Gold.

Alcohol: 4.4%.

IBU bittering: 26-32.

Final density: < 1,006.

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