Protein stabilizer for beer based on moisture-controlled silica gel.

Siligel S is a stabilizer for beer with a selective absorption action for protein substances, made up of a very pure silica gel with controlled humidity.

The surface area of ​​Siligel S is very high: this ensures the product peculiar physical-absorbent properties.

Siligel S allows to maintain the correct content of protein nitrogen, with respect to the raw materials used, the production system and the specific experience of the brewery technician.

Very high values ​​of protein nitrogen cause reactions of colloity instability, while low values ​​can give problems of persistence and stability of the foam.

Siligel S has a selective power in the absorption of proteins, affecting in a lesser way those of medium-high molecular power, which play an important role in the formation and persistence of the foam. Up to 50 g / hL, Siligel S has no effect on foam stability.

The colloidal turbid, which is formed in cooled beer by reactions between protein-polyphenolic substances, is effectively absorbed in the Siligel S-Beer contact phase.

Siligel S has no negative effect on the color, pH and organoleptic characteristics of the treated beer.

The permeability of Siligel S does not affect the evolution of pressure in the filtration, this being more characteristic in the use of a traditional xerogel.

Composition and technical characteristics:

Silica gel.

Employment dose:

10-100 g / hL.

The lower doses are used in treatments that involve a longer contact time Siligel S-beer or for more mature beers.

Form of employment:

Siligel S can be used in the various phases of the production cycle.

In deposit: with contact times of a minimum of 15 minutes to 6-24 hours, to later be eliminated in filtration. In this way, less filter earth is used. Siligel S also works as a filter aid.

In filtration: mix Siligel S with the diatoms, in the filter dispenser, and alluvize it in the filtration. Silige S is also effective with very short contact times such as those found in alluvial filtration. In the two systems of use, in the accelerated EBC stability test (60-0-60ºC), a high stabilizing effect is found.

WARNINGS: in the case of using proteolytic enzymes in a combined treatment, it is advisable to add Siligel S in the final filtration, the enzyme can be added to the filtered beer before bottling.

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